Arduino vs Servos

The eyes on Exuro are basically 2 axis gimbals with a servo driving each axis. Never having built anything like this before, it was a bit of a learning experience. One of them was more of a re-learning experience in that I knew this but didn’t remember. On a small microcontroller board like an Arduino, there is a limited amount of power that can be drawn by anything connected to it.

In first working with the Arduino, I connected a single servo so that I could work through the initial hardware setup and some basic programming of the Arduino to make the servo arm move. Ground and power lines were connected to ground and +5v on the Arduino. The control line was connected to pin 9. It went pretty much as expected and was it was fun to see changes in software cause actions in the physical world.

Building on the initial success, I added a 2nd servo so I could start to see to the interactions and hardware layout needed to by the gimbals. Again, the ground and power lines were connected to the Arduino ground and +5v. Control was connected to pin 11. Mostly everything went smoothly but every once in a while, the Arduino would reset. It didn’t happen often so I didn’t spend much time tracing the problem. Until I added the 3rd servo. Ground and power lines were again connected to ground and +5v on the Arduino and the control line to pin 12.

With the 3rd connected and all 3 servos trying to move, the Arduino would reset. It would reset almost immediately after the servos started moving. I changed the code to only move 2 of the servos and things went back to working as expected. Every once in a while the Arduino would reset. But adding the 3rd would cause a reset every time. About this time it dawned on me that I might be trying to draw too much power through the Arduino.

So I dug through my collection of scrap wall warts till I found one that put out 5v at 2 amps. Since each servo wants around 0.5 amps, this should work. So I disconnected the power and ground lines for the 3 servos and connected them to the +5v and ground wires of the wall wart. I added a wire connecting the Arduino ground with the wall wart ground and powered up the Arduino. All three servos started moved their control arms back and forth without any more resets of the Arduino. Yippie!

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