Erasing a Hard Disk

I recently had the need to recycle several old computers and by old, I mean Power Mac G4 old. These systems were state of the art in 1999.

As any good IT professional knows, you don’t want to just recycle any computers without first erasing the data on the hard disks. Now I doubt that there’s anything of any importance on the disks but it’s better to erase them to be certain. A traditional way would be to reinitialize the disk and overwrite all the sectors several times. But why follow tradition when there are so many other, more creative ways to erase the contents!

I think I’ve come up with a method guaranteed to destroy the contents of a hard disk for those occasions when you need to be reasonably sure that the data can never be recovered.

What do you think? Too much?

Now before you think of trying this at home let me just say no, stop, don’t try this at home. That’s insane. This forge was running at approximately 2,300 degrees fahrenheit. There’s no way any appliance in your house generates nearly enough heat to reproduce this madness. Just put the thought out of your head.

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2 thoughts on “Erasing a Hard Disk”

  1. Niiiiiccccceeee. I’ve used the brut force method in the past, but this is so much cleaner.

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