Fire Cauldron

For the Crucible’s 2013 Soirée, I created a medium sized fire cauldron that was part of the performance.

Fire CauldronThe cauldron was created from an old halon tank from a fire suppression system. A ring was welded around the outside as a handle to allow the dancers to manipulate it without coming in contact with the fire. And a ring over the top allows the cauldron to be hung from a 19′ cable.

Inside the center of the cauldron is a kevlar wick sitting in a small pill box. The kevlar is doused with a measured amount of white gas and lit.

After the first light, I was concerned about the cable and connections living inside the fire. The cable was shortened and a  4′ chain added in its place. This moved the cable out of the fire and made the effect much safer.


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