Gravity Cars and a Nerdy Derby Track

I recently had the opportunity to create the Gravity Cars class for the Crucible’s Youth Program. As part of that work, I created a race track based on the Nerdy Derby design.

Creating the track was a fair amount of work and involved implementing the design in Autodesk Inventor based on the original PDF from the folks at Nerdy Derby, creating tool paths for a ShopBot Alpha to cut out the pieces, gluing the segments together and assembling the track. But it was most definitely worth the time.

All files for the project can be found on my github repository.


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One thought on “Gravity Cars and a Nerdy Derby Track”

  1. I work for a science museum in Toledo Ohio and we are eager to try out this project for a large scale event. Is there any way I could pick your brain about how your track runs if we used your CNC files? Is there something you would have done differently?

    Jeff Stevenson

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