Net Troubles

I wasn’t able to get on the ORCA net last Thursday. It’s worked before and I haven’t changed anything on my radio. Very strange.

In talking things through with Peter (KO6R), we realized that the batteries ran low. Without enough power, the VX8-DR wasn’t able to transmit far enough to be heard by anyone. I was running with the AA battery pack instead of the lithium ion battery pack. It looks like AA batteries just don’t have very much power in them and they ran out of power much faster than I expected. I’ll need to experiment a bit to see how the various battery options last w/ the HT.

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3 thoughts on “Net Troubles”

  1. I’d get an large antenna to mount on your roof and connect it to your HT. It works much better. My house has a steel roof and walls, so when I’m inside I can’t transmit or receive.

    1. The plan is to eventually set up a small station in the house w/ a much better antenna. I’d actually like to experiment w/ building antennas but I’m not quite ready for that yet.

      I’ve already upgraded the original antenna on the VX8-DR with a Diamond SRH320A. It performs much better than the original rubber duck antenna. Doing this keeps the HT portable as I would need in emergency situations and I think I’ll keep it like this for a bit.

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