Welcome – Baja 1992

In December of 1992, I went on a trip with friends through Baja California, Mexico. During the course of the days traveling, I kept a journal describing the experiences I had while there. This was the first time I had been to Baja, south of Tijuana. Tijuana is an interesting, busy border town that thrives on tourism. Or at least it seemed to at the time. The rest of Baja is very different. From the vast expanses of desert to the small mountain villages to the magnificent beaches along the Pacific ocean. It is beautiful place with very warm and welcoming people. Visit, its worth the effort.

Once back home from the trip, I bundled the journal and self published it. Everyone I knew at the time received a copy. That was in early 1993. Several years have passed since then. I recently came across a copy while cleaning out a closet in my office. After reading through the journal, I decided to publish it again, this time as a blog. I hope that you find the story interesting and possibly entertaining.

One of my cousins remarked that she, upon receiving the journal, was worried about what I was up to now and that I would be a bad influence on her sons. If any of them would develop the desire to travel because of reading this, I’d take that as a grand compliment.

Expand your world, travel and see the rest of it.

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