29-December-1992 Early AM

We have come full circle. Last night was spent at the Old Mill Hotel. It was a pleasure to sleep in a bed after the night before.

Two nights ago in Rancho San Fransisco, my world turned upside down. Litterly. An enormose storm blew through. About midnight, my tent and I were rolled over by the howling wind. Moments latter the tent collapsed. I held the tent up over my head, waiting for a lull in the rain. The first chance that came, I grabbed my belongings and flad to the jeep.

It was completely covered with a tarp to keep everything dry. After working my way in I returned to the tent to check for stragglers. Finding none, I grabbed two rocks and placed them inside to keep the tent from blowing away.

I returned to the jeep to settle in for an awkward but dry nights sleep. Suprisingly, finding a comfortable position was not very difficult and sleep came quickly. But it didn’t last.

The winds came. They came from all directions rocking the jeep this way and that. Then they were gone. Sometimes to return moments later, other times an hour. You could hear it in the distance, howling and screaching through the surrounding canyons. The first sounds would start sometimes 25 seconds before they were felt. It made for a night of sleeping between the winds.

Back to now, it’s my turn in the shower. And there will be no stopping that.

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