20-December-1992 early am. maybe 8ish

I’ve packed everything back into the jeep. The shower this morning was refreshing. I wait now for Mario and Bibi. There are no signs of life from their room. I hope they slept well.

I sit on the wall around the beach watching the tide flow out. From this position, the bay is perhaps a half mile wide. There is a man-made breakwater in the center which spans nearly to both shores. It come to within 50 feet on this side. The other looks about the same. It’s a nice place for the sea gulls to wait for their next meal.

I’d guess that the water is deep in the channel formed by the shore and the breakwater. Close to the shores, the water runs rough. Lots of ripples and many small whirlpools. But in the center, just a clear steady stream of water.

There’s a guy near me doing some fishing. He cast a line a few moments ago and is now sitting peacefully. He might even catch a fish, for every few seconds, another one splashes the surface with his tail.

There was a note inside the office telling of a record 293 pound sea bass caught recently. I didn’t’ believe it at first, but the head is sitting like a trophy on top of a nearby post. It sits near the workbench for the workers who prepare the catch of the day. The mouth on this beast is easily 12″ across. He made many bellies fill with delights. Of that I have no doubt.

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