22-December-1992 About 6:30 PM

This marks the second day in a row I’ve been awake for sunrise and then sunset. Both were incredible. I’ve never done that before.

This is the second night we’ve epent at Scannon’s Lagoon. This is where the gray whale ends it’s migration from the Arctic, Thís is where they calve, giving birth to their young. They stay in this place till the spring, nursing and feeding the young. Then it’s another trek back north to the Arctíc.

This is early in the season, they just begin to arrive about now. So far we’ve only seen water spouts and some backs above the water line. Locals run a service where they take you out onto the lagoon where you can actually touch them. We passed on going out this morning and will do so again tomorrow. It would be nice to return here in a month’s time to actuall go out but I doubt this wíll happen.

This past night, I slept under the stars. Just to lie back and gaze is a wondrous thing. It makes me feel humble and insígnificant. But it also makes me realize that anything is possible. I will sleep out under the stars again tonight. Who knows, perhaps this time I’ll make friends with some of the coyotes.

Mario and Bibi slept in the pickup again this past night. Bibi didn’t sleep too well. Mario pretended to be a log. Night before last it was the opposite. Tonight I hope they both sleep well.

Today was very easy going. After a breakfast of hot oatmeal, we took a short hike along the shore. Maybe 3-4 miles each way. We had some lunch at the turn around point. Dried fruit, cheese, rye crisps, salami and fresh oranges fill the belly and make the legs move. Once back at camp, Mario and I walk down the other shore line. I went for a quick dip ín the water while Mario tried to do some fishing. I found the water to be a little bit chilly but clean and invigorating.

This whole area is marsh land surrounding the lagoon. Our camp site is at a point where the land sticks a bit out into the water, the whole lagoon is to the left and behind with a small leg off in front and to our right. At the time Mario was fishing, the tide was moving past.

I walked ‘a couple of miles past Mario just to see where the shore went. Along the way, I picked up several seashells for Mrs. B’s daughter Jessica; she tells me that she has a collection,

Along the way I met a rather large flying insect. About 2 inches long, black body with wide bright red wíngs. It seems that I came to close to it’s habitat. It flew to wíthin about 15 feet and hovered for a second. As I backed away from it’s home it kept the distance about the same. If I stopped, it stopped. Once I was outside of whatever imaginq boundary it maintains, it broke off contact and returned home. Interesting encounter.

Mario was no where to be seen on the way back. It seems that the tide got too low for him to fish. The fishing line would bring in weeds every time. I’ve never seen a dde go out so far, so fast. The tracks I made along the water line on the way out are now at least thirty feet from the water.

Getting back to camp I find Bibi getting ready to treat herself to a shower. First one since Saturday morning. While waiting for my turn, I wandered back out onto the water in search of clams. The only ones I could find were under 2″. Too small for dinner. I keep walking to see where the water gets deep. I gave up trying when it got half way up my calves. I counted steps coming back: over 300 to the shore line high tide mark. Gee, this is shallow.

Getting back it’s my turn in the shower. What a treat it is to wash your hair after a few days. Soap and water are our friends. Long live the friendship.

We had a simple dinner tonight of been and cheese burritos. These were tasty. With a little bit of hot sauce, they hit the spot.

Mario and Bibi drag me out of my chair by the fire. They say they want to show me something. Yeah right, where have I heard that before. We walk over to the shore line and look out over the water. There is a faint silvery shaft of light reflecting across the water, the light reflecting off a nearby planet! I’ve never seen that before. From a planet! maybe mars or Venus. Or even mercury. Simply beautiful.

I sit alone by a dying fire. The others went to sleep early, a little past 7. There is no more wood. The fire will bum out in a short time. My sleeping bag and mat must still be set out. After that, maybe I’ll try naming some of the constellations. My sister Elizabeth gave me a gift last year to help learn about the constellations. I’ve tried using it before, with very limited luck. Maybe this time will be better. Or better yet, going to sleep and dreaming of traveling among them.

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