23-December-1992 About 8PM

No one will ever believe Mario got stuck in sea shells. True to form, he is very unique. This will be written in the history books. I’m just glad Bibi was able to get pictures of it. Talking about it afterward has brought great amounts of laughter from everyone.

After we got most of the camp set, there was still about an hour or so of day light left. Mario wants to fish. He’s been dreaming about it since we started planning this trip. To be honest, so have I. The area at which we are camping is supposed to have some of the best surf fishing around. Tonight, I think I’ll just pass.

Bibi yells out that Mario has caught one. Out there only a few minutes and he’s caught a pacific sea bass. Nice start for fresh fish tacos. We’ll need a few more, but it’s a nice start. The rest of the time, Bibi spends sitting on the shells watching Mario cast out

into the surf. He doesn’t catch anything else tonight, but he’s in the groove. At that moment in time, he was one with what he was doing.

The sunset was truly spectacular. Then again, each one is just that. We had tortellini for dinner. Mario and Bibi have turned in for the night. As for myself, I’m going to sit a while and listen to the cascading surf.

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