24-December-1992 7:15PM

Today has been completely invigorating. The day started with another startling sunrise. The most unique things was that it happened on the opposite end of the beach as last night’s sunset. Look to the left for the sunrise and to the right for the sunset. At first I took this as standard magic. But then I remembered that there is no real magic, only things we currently don’t understand. Therefore, there must be another reason. Ah yes, this is a south facing beach. The left side of the arch faces east and the right west. Good way to start the day.

Mario prepared a breakfast of buttermilk pancakes. That and a couple of glasses of tang and a cup of milk filled me for the day ahead. We finished cleaning and prepared for a day of fishing.

I just bought a new reel for my fishing rod. It’s a little on the small side, but it will have to do. It: needs fishing line and fisherman Mario suggests 12 pound line. Add some tackle and we’re all set to catch fish.

Down onto the beach front we go. Casting out over the breakers and we be fishing. I catch one quickly, but it’s rather small so back it goes. The fishing continues.

While Mario and I try to snag some ready-made fish tacos, Bibi brings a chair from the camp to watch. She sits in the sun, reading a book, gazes out over the ocean or just daydreams. She looks at peace with the planet.

The morning continues on in much the same fashion. Mario catches one. let’s it go. Catches another through the eye and keeps it for bait. I get nibbles and a bite or two, but cannot land another. At one point, one is hooked. As I reel it in, the fish suddenly jumps out of the water. Not much, but a little. While in the air, it seems to thumb it’s fin at me before diving back into the water. A moment later and it’s free. It wasn’t very large, but I think it was a keeper.

Before long. it’s afternoon and my belly wants to be fed. Lunch Time. Mario and Bibi are already back at camp. I find them hanging up the laundry we did on the road yesterday.

I grab some trail mix, dried fruit, macadamia nuts and water for lunch. We sit on Mario’s tail gate telling stories about the one that got away. We talk about nothing important, just glad to be among friends. And then it’s back to the fish.

The afternoon moves quickly. We try live bait made from yesterday’s catch. We try artificial lures. Mario catches another nice fish. As for myself, the ones I was able to land were all a little small, so back they went. I’d have to say it was a calming day spent fishing.

We decide to call it a day when storm clouds seem to be building on the horizon. Not a good sign. It’s back to camp and prep-work for a storm. But first we each take a shower. A sun shower has been laying on the hood of the jeep all day. Just basking in the sun, waiting to put a smile on our faces. I am amazed again and again what a simple treat that some soap and hot water makes.

Once we’re all thoroughly scrubbed, it’s back to the storm front. We adjust both vehicles so they’re about 12 feet apart. Now a tarp can be hung between the two for shelter. Another over my jeep will keep it dry and a third just for giggles. Now we’re ready.

Once that is done, we can think about dinner. Something simple. Spaghetti and sauce. Simple and quick to make ready.

We eat dinner and clean the mess. A fire is light and we gaze between it and our Christmas bush. While dinner was cooking, I hung some battery operated lights that Mario brought along. Bibi makes several ornaments from aluminum foil. Some required imagination, especially the angle with no wings, no head and no halo. But the decorations are perfect. I put Mario and Bibi’s gifts under the bush. A simple but complete sight.

Mario mixes a batch of margaritas to celebrate the season. Some funky Christmas tunes are on the CD player. We look up to find stars waiting. The storm seems to have been nothing but our imaginations. But we look out over the ocean to see dark patches of clouds. There may be a storm yet.

Mario and Bibi dance to a slow tune playing. It’s amazing, but the smoke from the fire seems to be chasing them around. Mario’s been in some smoky joints before, but this is ridiculous.

The night moves on, we’re all tired. It’s been a busy day. Of all the fish we hooked and lost; landed and threw back, only 2 made it to the cooler. Bibi bumed her legs in the sun, aloe gel soothes the pain. We all have sniffles, coughs or sore throats; so it’s Niquil shooters all around. It’s peaceful listening to the waves break along the shore. The lights to the Christmas bush are out now. Mario and Bibi are making sleep time maneuvers.

A soothing end to an entertaining day. I’m crashing now so best to make it into my bag before too long. To dream the dreams of happiness. Merry Christmas, my friends…

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