25-December-1992 8:30AM

It’s Christmas day and we all seem to be in a tranquil mood. Mario was sitting in bed. He had to get up during the night to fix a portion of our tarp city which had fallen. Bibi is up. I saw her first this morning sitting on her rock throne. She built it with some flat rocks laying among the shells. She’s there now, looking at the shells around her. Playing with ones she finds interesting or pretty. I’d still be in bed but nature called. So with trowel and paper in hand, I headed off to find a calm place to do my business.

This beach front still remains an enigma to me: Why is it here? What formed it like it is? Why is it covered with shells?

The tide is in right now. It’s waves breaking among the shells. As the waters recede, (he shells look like gems sparkling in the morning sun. There isn’t really that much sun today. There are many high clouds. But every once in a while, a beam of light shines through. And that makes the sight more wondrous to behold.

The pelicans are playing in the morning air. Riding the wind streams down the shore. They glide mere inches above the waves. Riding the thrill till the moment of breaking. Then they climb up above the spray and head a little out to sea looking for the next wave to follow. The group that just passed had 6 gliders. Some pelicans fly solo and others in groups up to 15.

I see a brown object sticking out of the water just outside the wave break front. Then a tail flicks into view and with a splash, both are gone. My first reaction is sea otter. Mario says seal. Where ever it may be, I don’t think it cares. There are fish in the waters and it’s time to play.

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