25-December-1992 6:00 PM

Well, another shitty day in paradise.

We spent most of the day fishing again. Mario caught a tiger shark right off the bat. I had to hold it tight while Mario removed the hook. We released it to continue doing what it does best: Eat!

We were in a groove, Mario and I. We caught many fish during our casting sessions. Most we returned to the sea, but we kept two. Both were sea bass and were plump enough to make filets.

We did our fishing about 2 miles down the beach from the camp. The three of us hiked there after breakfast Bibi stayed long enough to check out the tide pools and determine that there was no protection from the sun. She went back to camp.

About an hour before we stopped fishing, we discovered that muscles were like candy to these fish. The muscles grew among a rock out-cropping where we were fishing. Within seconds of casting a line, bites could be felt. Moments later, another fish is landed, freed and returned to the waters.

I was about to call it a day. My line got snagged among the rocks and all the tackle was lost. I’d have to rig a new line. Rather just sit and watch the waves crash. As I was making my way back to shore, Mario spots Bibi coming back down the beach. She tells him that one of his gas cans is leaking. He had them secured to the roof of the pickup.

We pack up all the gear, grab the fish, a few extra muscles (in case we fish later) and head back to camp. Most of the hike back was done on the sand which shows during low tide. It’s fairly solid and it’s easy to trek upon. The way out there was done over shells, real difficult to walk on.

Back at camp, we see that Bibi has managed to get the offending can standing upright. Only a little has leaked out. I think Mario added the remainder to the gas tank and will leave the can empty for the rest of the trip.

Dinner tonight was fresh fish tacos. Mario grilled the filets, made some rice and heated tortillas on the stove flame. The fresh fish is tasty and makes one enjoyable feast. We all eat too much.

With the dishes done, Mario mixes a quick batch of margaritas. We join Bibi up on the shells to watch the sunset. I am not articulate enough to describe it. I’m not certain that anyone actually is. Let it suffice that we did not leave till the last rays were cresting the horizon. Bibi said it best: “This place calms the spirit and soothes the soul.”

Back at camp we make a simple fire. Mario cleans his fishing gear and stores it in it’s proper place. It’s early, maybe half hour past sunset. We’re all tired and I’m the first to turn in.

Back at my tent, there is fine sand all over the floor. My small flashlight hanging from the ceiling has just burned out it’s bulb. I don’t really care. I’m tired, I have a slight sunburn on my face and I need some sleep. Good night.

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