Most Useless II

The first time I went to Burning Man, I built an art car based on the idea of the most useless machine. It was an amazing experience working with friends to bring it into being and cruising around the playa with it. Unfortunately, there were issues with the design of the internal mechanisms that worked less well than expected. I’m planning finally going to remedy that this year.

I’d like to introduce Most Useless II!

There’s a level switch in the back that when pushed forward causes a trap door to open, a hand come out to push the switch back and the hand retreats back into the trap door again.

Since this is for Burning Man and I want to be able to drive around at night, there will be led lights flooring the ground from under the vehicle, from around the outside of the frame and from the canopy.

Most Useless II will be built on a Taylor Dunn B2-10 electric hauler.

This was last used for K9 Mark IV-BM.

K9 Mark IV-BM (2015)

I’m currently in the design / idea phase. The next step is to get an application into the Burning Man DMV to see if it’ll get an invitation to attend this year. Here’s hoping!

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