Raspberry PI VLANs

The Raspberry PI is a lovely small computer but sometimes the documentation leaves much to be desired. Expecially when searching for information online. Take networking, if you just need the default configuration everything just works. And that’s one of the joys of working with a Raspberry PI, many tasks just work. But as soon as you want to do anything outside the norms, things become difficult.

Take for instance, adding a VLAN to a PI. Searching online will bring up lots of details on what people have done in the past to add a VLAN and configure it. Sadly, the hows for this have changed over time and most of the information out there is worse that wrong. It forces users to follow steps that just don’t work and then lots of time spent trying to figure out what was done wrong. It’s a rather frustrating aspect of working with a PI.

In an effort to help me remember the steps and for anyone who stumbles into the need to add a VLAN, here are the steps for Stretch, Raspbian Linux 9:

$ sudo apt-get install vlan
$ sudo vconfig add eth0 2
$ sudo bash -c 'echo "interface eth0.2" >> /etc/dhcpcd.conf'
$ sudo ifconfig eth0.2 up
  1. Install the vlan package.
  2. Add vlan 2 to interface to eth0. Change 2 to which ever VLAN you need and eth0 to the physical ethernet interface.
  3. Add a new interface entry to the dhcpcd.conf file so that an IP address can be assigned.
  4. Bring up interface eth0.2.

Update 2021-03-05: There are a couple of steps that I neglected to include. With the steps above, the VLAN will be lost on reboot. Actually those steps won’t work since the VLAN kernel module isn’t loaded. You’ll need to do that before running the vconfig command.

modprobe 8021q
echo 8021q >> /etc/modules

Next, add

vconfig add eth0 5

to /etc/rc.local. If your rc.local has an

exit 0

line at the end, the vconfig command needs to be added before the exit.

With these changes, your VLAN configuration will be re-created when the system is rebooted.

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