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I have a habit of writing haiku, good and bad. Some political, some humorous and some only make sense to me. I’ve been posting to Twitter and Facebook but I’m moving away from using them. As such, I’m trying out a new site, Take a look, follow if you’re interested. Let me know what you think.

[Update] is now active. Wahoo!

K9 Mark IV-BM

The Burning Man DMV hotties have provided conditional approval to bring K9 to the playa. Follow the antics as we build him at!


Down, moved and back once again

I didn’t realize that the site was down, that’s not good.

I discovered this when I started to migrate to a new server on Digital Ocean. I like their service level, server configurations, and very reasonable costs. Plus the fact that they run everything on SSD makes it all nice and blazingly fast 😉

With the site now fully migrated, hopefully things will be back to normal. And that I’ll be posting again. So many ideas and projects to share! And I need to get a Nagios monitor in place to let me know the next time the site goes sideways.

The Crucible’s Newly Rebuilt Nazel 2B Power Hammer, First Strike!

Over the past several months, Chris Niemer and the amazing volunteers, interns and staff of the Crucible’s smithy have been working to rebuild a used Nazel 2B power hammer. Under Chris’s guidance, they were able to get the power hammer installed and running for today’s power hammer class w/ Toby Hickman. Frackin’ awesome!