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Net Troubles

I wasn’t able to get on the ORCA net last Thursday. It’s worked before and I haven’t changed anything on my radio. Very strange.

In talking things through with Peter (KO6R), we realized that the batteries ran low. Without enough power, the VX8-DR wasn’t able to transmit far enough to be heard by anyone. I was running with the AA battery pack instead of the lithium ion battery pack. It looks like AA batteries just don’t have very much power in them and they ran out of power much faster than I expected. I’ll need to experiment a bit to see how the various battery options last w/ the HT.

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Radio Club – ORCA

I’ve joined the local Oakland ham radio club, ORCA. I’m hoping that the other folks in the club will be able to help with any issues and learning about getting on the air.

They also run a local net to help with communications in the event of an emergency. With the classes I’ve been taking through the Oakland Core program, I think it’ll be a nice match.

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