Exuro is an interactive, fire shooting robotic sculpture.Exuro, eyes and body

She was built from:

  • recycled stainless steel
  • a Microsoft Kinect
  • an Arduino microcontroller
  • a computer
  • servos
  • solid state relays
  • a solenoid valve
  • custom glass eyes (thanks, Tara!)

Her coding is a mixture of:

The kinect is used to find the closest point in its field of view. This is used to calculate the angles needed for the eyes to focus on the point and that is sent off to the arduino to communicate with the servos to move the eyes.

Upcoming enhancements include:

  • connect a bill acceptor to allow donations to fire the poofer
  • tweet whenever a donation is made
  • post pictures online when people are interaction with her
  • expand the interactions available with the Kinect
  • add neon, plasma or leds inside the body to glow with interactions

Her fire comes from a propane based poofer.

She can currently be seen at The Crucible in Oakland, CA. SeeĀ Exuro at The Crucible for an idea on the classes that offer techniques used in her creation.

If you like, follow her @exurofire and write on herĀ FaceBook wall.