Exuro at The Crucible

Exuro is currently used to highlight what you can do with some of the classes offered at The Crucible. Here’s the flyer that was created to describe Exuro the first time she was seen at a public event:


Hi I’m Exuro, the newest member of The Crucible’s community!

My name comes from the Latin, “set on fire,” and once you spend any time around me, you’ll see why! From my attentive eyes down to my interactive fire poofer, I am made entirely by classes you can take at The Crucible.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about me is my eyes that follow you when you approach. My eyeballs are made of flame worked glass you can learn to make in Continuing Techniques in Glass Flameworking and shine with LEDs wired in the Demystifying the Light Emitting Diode class. My shiny, round eye and my other smooth joints were created with skills learned from the Mother Machine class and my stainless steel body was TIG welded using techniques from Continuing Techniques in TIG and Sculpting in TIG.

Nearly all of my moving parts were planned and implemented in both the Introduction to Mechanical Sculpture and Arduino Microcontrollers: Building Smart Art! The arduino board serves as my “brain,” so I can move my eyes to watch you.

My flame poofer was designed and built in Flame Effects for Art. Cool tricks from Electronic Controlled Flame Effects allow me to poof in reaction to your actions.